Mission of Overseas Centre for Foreign Students (OCFS) - KSHEC

    Ensuring that a Committee of Universities is formed along with OCFS to participate in Seminars/Forums/ Symposiums/Exhibitions locally and internationally to promote, assess and recruit.

    Ensuring that the admission process is streamlined, transparent and that necessary orientation programs are regularly conducted for all international students.

    Ensuring that the International Student has a valid Identity Card with details of Passport,Visa, Institutional Affiliation and Contact Information.

    Ensuring that the Universities will host International Cultural Evenings in different locations in the University and at other cultural forums in the city from time to time.

    Ensuring to maintaining a database on all international students.

    Ensuring that specially designed courses in Asian and European languages, soft skills, literature, performing arts, sports meet, open house events, mentoring workshops are being conducted in the Universities in collaboration with various departments regularly. This will help in developing global perspectives at the University faculty level, transnational awareness and intercultural competence will need to become an essential part of an institution's mission, articulated and realized with specific actions at the department level in coursework and extra-curricular possibilities.

    Ensuring that Universities across have an active alumni association.