Karnataka State Higher Education Council, Bengaluru: (KSHEC)

      In accordance with the National Education Policy and as per the recommendations of the task force, the State Govt. has established a State Council for Higher Education as a collective of the Government, Universities, Academics and experts with a view to forge a synergic relationship among them by occupying an operational space between the Government and the Universities on one hand and between the Universities and apex level regulatory bodies on the other.

      The Govt. feels that the Council is in the process of creating an enabling environment for Promoting academic excellence and social justice by obtaining academic input for policy formulation and perspective planning, ensuring autonomy and better accountability of all institutions of Higher Education in the State. The "Vision 2020” document for Higher Education in Karnataka prepared by KSHEC is a well-crafted road map for the transformation of Karnataka into a vibrant knowledge society by 2020.

       Today, active level of work is being directed by the Department of Higher Education to enhancing of ICT use in State Universities so as to provide the full spectrum of support in such areas as automation of administrative aspects, streamlining of both admissions and examinations process, finance and fee structuring, etc. This will ensure necessary governance and transparency for a streamlined approach.