Higher Education in Karnataka

      Per latest reports, Karnataka has a literacy rate of over 78% and the state boasts of national-level institutions in almost every discipline such as health, management, science and technology, law, social science, education, linguistics as well as an IIM, IISc, IIIT, TIFR, National Law School, NIMHANS, ISEC, RIE Mysore, Regional Institute of English and many more. There are over 480 degree colleges affiliated to any of the state universities.

      The formation of quality workforce rests with one central university, 24 public universities, 15 deemed universities, 10 private universities. There are 207 engineering colleges, 61 medical colleges, 48 dental colleges, 280 management institutions as well as Polytechnics, Pharmacy, Yoga, Fashion Designs, Homeopathy colleges and over 60 international schools.

       In 1998, the engineering colleges in the state were brought under the umbrella of Visvesvaraya Technological University headquartered at Belgaum, whereas the medical colleges are run under the jurisdiction of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences., Bengaluru. A listing of all the accredited Universities is shown on the back cover.